Hey everyone!

Sorry it’s been a while, but I’ve been celebrating my birthday this weekend! I finally had my hair done a slightly more blonde/caramel colour yesterday and went out for tapas too. Today has been even more crazy with all the family coming around for a huge meal and cake. It’s been so nice to see them all again now they’re back from their holidays and I’m so thankful for everything they bought me as well 🙂


So…yeah…I’ve realised I will have to update my age on these pages, but I’m officially 22!! 😀 *insert overused Taylor Swift reference regarding my age here*

How has your weekend been? and what was the best birthday present you’ve ever received?



Where have I been?!?

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Hello everyone!

So sorry it’s been a couple of days since I’ve posted, but I’ve had a few other things on my mind…I’ve actually really missed you and missed being able to post and can’t wait read my friends blogs in the morning! (English Morning) 🙂

Health checks

As I’ve posted about before, I have a few health problems that I have checked out every three months and it was my time to go back and see the haematologist again. He mentioned that my haemoglobin count is still far too high for a woman and I therefore have a form of polycythemia. In addition to that, I apparently have an enlarged blood vessel to my heart, so as a result I am being sent to a cardiologist to have a echo taken of my heart and chest.

I’ve now been for several blood tests too, to the point where my arm is incredibly bruised! When I walk down the street and people see my arms, they either assume that A) I’ve been in a fight or B) I’m a heroin addict. So it’s all fun and games for me haha!


The second reason why I’ve disappeared is because I’ve attempted to update my blog a little bit. I’ve updated the theme and finally created an about and contact page, so that you can get in touch with me! I also attempted to alter the theme a few times before realising you had to use the colour theme or font provided – oops! I will say that I am completely lost when it comes to customising, so I would really appreciate it if anyone has any feedback or tips for me!

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂




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4 Things you never knew about Harry Potter!


Evening all! How are you doing today?

The 20th Anniversary!

As many of you may have realised, today marks the 20 year anniversary of the debut Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, or Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone as you know it in the U.S.! I therefore thought I’d briefly break off from telling you about my trip to Paris and mention a few facts about Harry Potter you probably didn’t know. I’ll hopefully be back again with Paris tomorrow though!

I don’t know about the rest of you, but as I am 21 years of age, almost 22 now, I grew up completely surrounded by Harry Potter. I loved reading the books, watching the films, and my sixteenth birthday coincided with the deathly hallows premier. I invited all of my friends to the cinema to watch and had the best time. I even remember when I was younger, the illustrator of the books came to my local town and my friends and I stayed up until midnight for the latest edition and a signing – it was such a craze for us! Anyway on to the good stuff…

5 things you never knew about Harry Potter:

1. Robin Williams wanted to play Hagrid

The famous Mrs Doubtfire star had a very strong desire to read lines as Hagrid, but this was not meant to be as Rowling had a strict rule on ‘no American actors’. Unfortunately the star did not live to see the day of Fantastic Beasts – who knows what the alternative film would have been like otherwise.

2. Daniel Radcliffe admitted to substance abuse whilst filming

Even though in his late teens Radcliffe was drinking at a legal age, he clearly classified his behaviour as ‘reckless’ and was frequently blackout drunk. He eventually decided to seek help in 2010 and has had little drink since.

3. Rowling has been sued three times (unsuccessfully) for copyright infringement!

Two authors have attempted to sue for claiming that Rowling has falsely copied their work. The first being ‘Larry Potter’ (sounds like a parody right?) and the second, ‘The Adventures of Willy the Wizard’. In both cases, the court ruled in favour of J.K on the basis that the names and stories do have similarities, but it is not enough to be classed as infringement. Last but not least, a Canadian band ‘Wyrd Sisters’ fought WB and Rowling against the inclusion of a band called ‘The Weird Sisters’…. and again, lost the court case.


4. Nicolas Flamel was a real historical figure

Okay, this part I’m really happy I stumbled across because it ties in with my posts about Paris. Nicolas Flamel was actually a real Parisian citizen and a pretty wealthy one at that! He was also a very successful scribe and lived in Paris in the 1300’s.

Shortly after his death however, myths spread that he was a secret alchemist and had created a mythical stone that could turn lead into gold. This was in 1418 and long before any of the films had been recorded!

Hope you enjoyed reading this. I absolutely loved growing up surrounded by the Harry Potter books. What was your favourite book growing up?