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Quirky Last-Minute Halloween Outfits!

Hey guys! How’re you doing this weekend?

I’ve just had a really lovely time up in Newcastle this weekend for a Halloween party/leaving do. One of my friends is moving to New Zealand to do some studying there, so we had a wild night out and an emotional hangover brunch this morning too. It made me realise how much I miss the days we were at university together – it’s so strange that we all have jobs and responsibilities now! Argh!

My Halloween Outfit

So, I thought I would very quickly tell you about my Halloween costume in case any of you wanted to try something a little bit more quirky or different this year! It’s also very helpful if you wanted try and save some money and not spend hours on the internet looking for a costume! The outfit itself is based on the meme ‘idiot sandwich’, which if any of you have not seen before, originates from the Gordon Ramsay TV skit ‘Hell’s cafeteria’. It is here that Gordon holds two slices of bread either side of Julie Chen’s head whilst proceeding to ask her “What are you?”, to which she responds “An idiot sandwich”.

Anyway now I’ve got all that out of the way…its time to get down to the outfit. It’s a super simple look; you can find any old white t shirt and permanent marker to do this. Firstly, I started out by writing the word ‘idiot’ in capital letters across my t-shirt, making sure they were written the correct way as other people would view the top (otherwise making myself look like a true idiot!). The next step consisted of finding a rigid headband, sellotape, two slices of white bread, and proceeding to wrap the tape around the bread whilst attaching to the headband. It’s even so simple you can pretty much pair the top with anything in your wardrobe, but I matched it with a distressed denim skirt:

*Please note: The heart shaped icon is not part of my outfit, it is purely there for privacy reasons only.

There are also plenty of other simple costumes you can make free of charge by just putting a little thought into your outfit and utilising the brilliance that is cardboard! You could create a couple’s cards against humanity set of boards, or even fashion a giant Pacman using a pair of scissors and some paint… the possibilities are endless!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post and I can’t wait to see what you come up with for Halloween! (If you celebrate it as much as me that is!). Now time to carve the pumpkin!


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I’M BACK!! Stag/wedding celebrations and more!

Hey guys! I’ve missed you all so much! How’re you doing?

The last week and a half has been so crazy for me with my best friends wedding celebrations and some holiday time in France again. He also decided to have a spontaneous get together/ stag do on the night before the wedding too, so that was super fun! I thought I’d quickly share with you my time there and in the next few days post a guide to organising your perfect wedding! (Especially for all you women out there that have been planning since you were a little girl) So stay tuned later in the week for more!

The bachelor party

Now I should make it clear that when I say bachelor party, I am not referring to the typical kind of get together you normally see. This had not been planned out, it was more so a spontaneous rally of everyone getting together late one night. As the groom was incredibly busy all week organising the hall, music etc. none of us believed he would have much time for anything else – until it came to the evening before the big day.

Of course with it being his last day as a single man, he adapted a sort of f*** it attitude (who doesn’t?!) and gathered all his friends into a series of gardens behind the French cottages we were staying in. Everyone then spontaneously threw themselves into the pool in the pitch black and freezing cold water whilst passing around a bottle of polish vodka. I will admit that the water was a bit of a shock to the system as it wasn’t warm at all, but it was honestly so much fun! Plus one of the guys got himself absolutely hammered and came out with some very amusing comments towards the end of the night!

Finally, after none of us could stand the cold anymore, we headed back to the cottages in darkness for more vodka/ tea and coffee, and I warmed my feet under the shower for a little bit. We started playing some music there too and it was lovely to sit and chill into the early hours of the morning.

The wedding do!


The next day was a little bit frantic to get ready for but we when we finally got there, it was really lovely. It was a typical french wedding with a mairie (signing of the marriage contract), followed by the church, reception and then the evening meal and party! There were quite a few intense moments in the church where the groom stuttered over the vows (he gains a stammer in front of an audience) and everyone believed his mother would stand up and object, but it was all alright in the end! Phew!

The reception afterwards was lovely too. There were several toasts and speeches in between each course of the meal, and everyone got up and danced as well. The bride and groom had even asked one of their friends to come and teach line dancing to everyone. I was a tad hesitant at first, but it was so much fun towards the end with everyone running around frantically to the music!

The couple then ended the night with everyone forming an archway of sparklers for them to walk underneath – it was such a magical way to see them off to their honeymoon 🙂 What an amazing end to the night it was!


That’s all for tonight guys! I really hoped you’ve enjoyed reading and I can’t wait to check out all of your lovely posts again. I’ll be posting soon about my ultimate guide to planning a wedding so stay tuned for that!

Comment below if you’ve had any exciting wedding ventures and let me know if you’ve had any funny nights out with your friends.