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Hello everyone! How are you doing today?

I feel like I’ve been so busy lately that this blog has taken a hit and not been given my full attention, so I will try my best to be on it over the next few days! My cousin’s birthday get-together is tomorrow… but other than that I’ll make sure to give you all more posts this week! 🙂

Long story short… I am absolutely dreading tomorrow… my uncle’s sister always invites herself around to family gatherings when she’s not wanted and belittles everyone in her path. If you haven’t got a PhD in snobbery or met the queen, then you’re not worth anything in her eyes. It’s sad that she judges people on awards and certificates (that collect dust) rather than the personality and kindness of a person instead. But I guess it wouldn’t be a family get together without hiccups right? I’m sure everyone can relate to this in one way or another!

Anyway…for this tag I’ve been nominated by the very creative Laura. I’ve been following her blog for quite some time now and she always comes out with lots of thought-provoking and beautiful stuff. Be sure to follow if you haven’t already 🙂


  • Thank the person who nominated you & link to their blog
  • Answer the 10 questions
  • Nominate & tag as many people as you’d like


What is one facial or physical feature you like most about yourself?

That would have to be my eyes – lots of people say how blue they are and even assume I’m wearing contacts from time to time. Or I guess I could say my legs because of how incredibly long they are, but it can be frustrating not being able to find jeans long enough, so I’ll stick to eyes 🙂

What values are most important to you?

I guess I would say being able to trust someone really close to you. Having being let down in the past by the ones you love makes you realise how important reliability is. Showing compassion and caring towards others, and of course being able to laugh with friends is super important too 😛

What is one personality trait that you like most about yourself?

Probably the fact that I’m very determined to succeed. I really want to have a good future and will do pretty much anything (other than screwing people over) to get it. I would consider myself a caring person too – being loyal to the people who are always there for me is something that comes naturally.

What is your definition of beautiful?

People with amazing personalities. It’s such a cliche, but looks will eventually fade, your personality won’t. I absolutely love kind, intelligent people that aren’t afraid to have a laugh on occasion. The people that will ring me up at 3 am and come over to check that I’m okay, or the spontaneous trips out to go crash a party, go jet skiing, or travel up the coast. You get the idea…

What is the last thing you did that made you smile or laugh?

I had to think then because it feels like a while since I’ve laughed properly. Watching Basil on Faulty Towers a week ago was funny for me. I followed the programme when I was little and staying the night at my granddads – the series is so light-hearted and hilarious at times! 🙂

That’s all for now folks! Hope you’ve enjoyed reading and I’ll be back again tomorrow with the other half of this post and my nominees. Goodnight and sweet dreams ❤







Sunshine Blogger Award 002 continued…


Hello lovely readers!

So as I mentioned the other day I have been nominated by the amazing Logan for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Make sure you go check out his blog and my answers to the first half of this award!

My answers continued:

6. What is a (or the) habit that you need to break?

Not taking every minute of life as it comes at me. I feel like the amount of time I spend wasted either on social media or sat at home doing nothing is incredibly frustrating for me. I really want to try and get myself out there to see and do as much as I possibly can, because I don’t think a lot of people realise how short life is and I don’t want to die with any regrets. I would much rather die regretting something I did than didn’t do.

7. Who is the smartest person you know?

I’m assuming this doesn’t include famous people otherwise I could just say Stephen Hawking or Einstein etc. Similarly, it depends on whether you’re judging someone’s intelligence on the ability to pass exams or their ability to succeed in the outside world and be able to socially interact well? But I would say one of my mentors at university. He is incredibly intelligent alongside being a lecturer and has published a few of his own papers on coral reef biology. He’s a really cool guy!

8. Who is the funniest person you know?

Hmm that would be Ethan, my boyfriend 🙂 He always finds cute little ways to crack me up and make me smile.

9. If you could start a world- famous company what would you what would you sell?

Believe it or not, that’s actually something I plan on doing in the future. I really want to set up my own biology based genetics company, so unfortunately that’s for me to know and you to find out later! 😉

10. What is the funniest fail of a lie anyone has attempted on you?

This would be going back to my boyfriend again when he made an absolutely hilarious mistake on a trip out one day. I had finished my exams and so we went for a celebratory trip out to Edinburgh, where we had a quiet stroll through the gardens there. He pointed over in the distance and said ‘Awh look there’s a cute little squirrel sat on the grass’, and I looked and could see wings on the side of the object. I kept saying to him, ‘that’s a bird’ and he was saying ‘it’s a squirrel’. It was a bird. So to this day I’ve made fun of how he struggles to tell the difference between the two – he laughs along of course!

11. Would you rather never be able to say anything or need to say everything you think?

Tricky one, but I would say need to say everything you think. If everyone else was in the same boat and you were unable to say anything at all then that would mean music wouldn’t exist either? and I can’t live without music. Plus, even though it would get you in a lot of tricky situations, I think everyone would adapt overtime.

My nominees:



Spice in the Box





I really liked these questions, so I’m going to ask the you guys the same ones, here they are:

  1. What is the best vacation you have been on?
  2. Have you ever experienced a natural disaster?
  3. What is the most hilarious thing that has happened to you?
  4. Have you ever been robbed (can be online or real life)?
  5. What would you do if you saw a lion in your house?
  6. What is a (or the) habit that you need to break?
  7. Who is the smartest person you know?
  8. Who is the funniest person you know?
  9. If you could start a world- famous company what would you what would you sell?
  10. What is the funniest fail of a lie anyone has attempted on you?
  11. Would you rather never be able to say anything or need to say everything you think?

Enjoy! and please check out my nominees blogs, they are all really genuine people who post about some lovely things! 🙂