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“This above all: To thine own self, be true.”

– Shakespeare



P.s. To all my lovely friends and followers, so sorry that I haven’t posted as much recently. In the last few days it has been my best friend’s spontaneous bachelor party and wedding/my holiday in France! ( I have so much to catch you up on haha!). So I’m super busy at the moment, but I’ll try and get back to a normal schedule by next week again! 🙂

How are you amazing people doing? Have any funny bachelor/wedding stories of your own? And do you try your best to be true to yourself as the quote says?

Love to you all xx


How to visit Paris on a budget: Musee de l’Orangerie and the Eiffel Tower!

Hey guys! How’s everything going?

I’m back again today talking about the rest of my trip earlier this year to Paris. I’ve already mentioned Moulin Rouge and MontmartreArc de Triomphe and Musee d’Orsay and Notre Dame and The Louvre, so feel free to have a look at those blog posts and let me know what your favourite places are to visit in Paris!

These are some of my remaining tips and trips when roaming about the city if you’re looking to save a few pennies:

DO: Take the subway

DON’T: Buy single trips

For the fourth day, we decided to head out to the Musee de l’Orangerie as it is one of the many places on Trip Advisor to visit. Blanche the subway stop was luckily only a few streets away from us so we hopped straight on. For anyone wanting to save a few pounds this is a really easy way (and quite frankly the only way) to travel about Paris. It’s surprisingly quite cheap if you buy a 5 day or week ticket and the trains are incredibly frequent too – you’re never waiting more than a couple of minutes for a ride!

After arriving at the museum I was happy to find that I once again had free entry as I was a 16-25 citizen of an EU country (one of the many perks you can benefit from if you are of this age). There is also the opportunity for any member of the public to gain free entry on the first Sunday of each month if you plan on travelling around this time.

The l’Orangerie gallery itself is much smaller than the others and is arranged into two main levels separated by a cafe and gift shop. On the top floor you can find Claude Monet’s water lillies completely covering all four sides of the room, so much so that you feel as if you are living in the paintings. However, the gallery’s beauty does not end here: downstairs you are greeted by tonnes of different works by Picasso, Cezanne, Renoir, Matisse etc. The collections themselves are honestly stunning so it’s definitely worth a trip when visiting Paris 🙂

DO: Take the steps up the Eiffel Tower

DON’T: Forget to attach a strap to your camera

We spent the rest of the afternoon walking to and going up the Eiffel Tower, which involved a lengthy queue through the security gates. Once into the centre however, you are free to choose how you wish to ascend the tower and after waiting ten minutes in the lift queue we opted for the stairs. I’m so happy we did! The queue for the lift was a mile long and the stairs provided a much better view of the surroundings and architecture. There were even lots of boards on the way up explaining the towers’ construction.

At the half way mark there are plenty of photo spots where people queue up to get their favourite Instagram photo and even a restaurant, cafe and ice rink too! I couldn’t believe that so much could fit into the inside of the tower. It was just a huge disappointment to find that the top of the Eiffel was closed due to the bad weather after we had come so far, but it was still absolutely amazing to be there.

To any newbie travellers I would definitely suggest bringing a strap for your camera or phone. The structure itself is similar to a metal cage, so any phones/cameras will be lost forever if you drop them. We all know that’s one of the worst things that could happen on holiday so I would more than recommend this to stop your holiday being remembered for the wrong reasons. Although, make sure you also don’t play into the hands of fraudsters around the edge and on the walk to the tower. Many artists line the streets hoping to distract you with magic or selfie sticks whilst an associate discretely mugs you. Keep a look out at all times and I’m sure you’ll enjoy your visit.

That’s everything for tonight! Where are your favourite places to visit when in Paris? How do you try to budget when abroad?


 P.s. The Eiffel also lights up beautifully at night too, so make sure you fit that in if you have the time whilst over there – it’s definitely worth it 😊






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Days out in Durham 2: Browns rowing boats!


Hello everyone

This is going to be a super quick post about my trip to Durham again yesterday. I visited Newcastle in the last few days due to grievance of a dear friend, to see another group of friends, and to catch up with my university careers/masters day services too. Whilst attempting to do all of that, I have a bad feeling I caught something off someone up there, as I’m not feeling too great, hence why I’m going to keep this fairly short. Please do check in with me tomorrow though, as I will be talking about the recent sunshine blogger award I have received! 🙂

My time in Durham

Anyway, for the time being I wanted to tell you about the day trip I had in Durham. The city itself is very quaint and full of small bookshops, cafes, and of course it’s stunning cathedral; some of the many reasons why I enjoy visiting. This time however, I planned on trying out rowing on the river the city lies on: the River Wear. Through walking past many a time, I have longed to be on the water and explore the city from the riverside. Today was the day!

Browns rowing boats: The experience!



Browns rowing boats are a company you can find on the edge of the river, that allow you to rent one of their boats for up to an hour. The boats can fit up to four people in each one and it’s only £6.50 each (or £4.50 for a child) with a £10 deposit, so it was a no-brainer for me to try one. The ten pound deposit is also returned to you at the end of the session when you bring the boat back in to dock again.

Before hoping in the boat, a boatman kindly fixes the oars in place, passes you a map of the wear and tells you to stick to the right-hand side of the river to avoid collisions with others. He then pushes you off the side and you are free to go wherever you wish provided it is within the guidelines of the map. It was so idyllic when we started and something that I haven’t tried in years, so I really enjoyed it. After a while though, the weather turned against us and we were trying to hide underneath a few trees for cover. Our arms were also feeling pretty tired and my hands looked as if they were going to blister. As a result, we headed back to the dock and bumped into some adorable duckling on the way – this was my favourite part!






Overall, I really enjoyed it apart from the weather. I would therefore suggest taking an umbrella when you visit and perhaps a friend with muscly arms that can row for you!

That’s all for tonight. Hope you have a nice evening 🙂




How to visit Paris on a budget: Arc de Triomphe and Musee d’Orsay

Hello! How are you doing today?

I’m pretty sure there must be some sort of apocalypse happening in England, because the temperatures rose to around 29 degrees today! It was so strange, but I’m not complaining about it at all! 🙂 How is the weather where you are?

Right, I left off yesterday with How to visit Paris on a budget: Moulin Rouge and Montmartre!, so I thought I’d continue with some more money saving tips on day 2.

  • Day 2 tips

DO: Carry some I.D or official documents with you

DON’T: Carry excessive amounts of money around


On the second day of travelling, we decided to visit the famous Arc de Triomphe. After shortly arriving at the correct tube station, we were baffled as to how people managed to reach the Arc. In case you aren’t already aware, the entire thing is surrounded by an incredibly chaotic roundabout where everybody has the same right of way. There are at least 5 lanes of traffic around the attraction and therefore seemed impossible to reach without getting yourself killed first. At last, we walked around further and finally found a set of underground steps leading to the monument.

It was then that I found out that people under 18, or 18-25 and a citizen of and EU country and job seekers etc. could enter for free. I hadn’t considered this when leaving the hotel, but thankfully remembered I had taken a picture of my passport before leaving and showed them this. I would therefore recommend carrying some I.D. or official documents around with you. It is also incredibly useful to look online at free entry into places, as the majority of attractions have this offer.


On the other hand, make sure you don’t carry excessive amounts of money with you. Paris is well-known for hundreds of pick-pocketers lining the streets. Many of them will even try to distract you by asking for directions, or by placing a bracelet on your wrist and then forcing you to buy it from them. Please don’t fall for any of these tricks and make sure to watch your bag at all times!

DO: Allow plenty of time for queues and viewing of attractions

DON’T: Arrive an hour before closing


The next place on our list was Musee d’Orsay. For me, it was definitely up there as one of my favourite attractions in Paris and a must-see for anyone wanting to visit. However, if you are planning to go, make sure you arrive a few hours before the closing time. The queues at rush hour can take up to an hour and the galleries themselves up to 2 days inside! We only had approximately 3 hours here and ending up running around trying to see everything. There absolutely thousands of works of art, so ensure you take breaks along the way and carry some water with you!

In my opinion, there are so many beautiful pieces of art, from Monet to Whistler’s mother, even to the huge clock which fills the main room.

Hope you enjoyed reading. Who are your favourite artists?





How to visit Paris on a budget: Moulin Rouge and Montmartre!


Evening everyone

As I mentioned the other day, in January I visited Paris with my mum, as it was a Christmas present for her. It was absolutely freezing, but really nice to have a break for 5 days away from everything. For any of my fellow bloggers wanting to visit, I thought I’d share with you a few posts on some of the nice and not-so-nice places to see during your stay! I also thought I’d include some tips on how to save your money if, like me, you are on a bit of a budget! Here goes:

  • Day 1 tips

DO: Consider travelling to airports further away

DON’T: Fly to airports more than 60 miles out of the centre of Paris

Before I decided to book a hotel, I had a thorough search on skyscanner for the cheapest flights I could find. This site always has such a wide range of low prices to choose from, so I knew I wanted to select a booking with them. You can also usually find the lowest price by shopping around. Keep altering the airport you want to fly from, the airport you wish to fly to and the dates of travel. This way you can save a considerable amount of money before you’ve even set off.

I decided that to cut the cost, it would be easiest to fly to Beauvais airport, which is usually the cheaper to fly to. It was then only an hour’s drive on a coach into the centre of Paris, followed by a 5 minute ride on the tube. A small portion of day 1 was therefore taken up by travelling, however, it was definitely worth it considering the money saved.

DO: Shop around for a budget hotel and consider booking directly

DON’T: Compromise on location or space

Spending some time searching for a cheap hotel will also help reduce costs considerably. Luckily after exploring my options, I found a local hotel called Hotel des Arts, situated in the beautiful surroundings of Montmartre. The hotel was also very close to a tube station, lots of lovely bakeries, and the staff were amazing, so I really enjoyed my stay there – definitely somewhere I would recommend if you’re on a budget.







Quite often, price comparison websites have a few offers on, which can be very useful. However, do not let this fool you, these websites normally get paid commission, so it is best to visit the hotels website too. Whichever option you choose, it is first important to make sure you are happy with the location and facilities, before you go jumping into anything else!

Moulin Rouge and Montmartre

The rest of this post is just me mentioning our ventures around Montmartre on day 1. After we settled into the hotel, we had a look around the local area and the Moulin Rouge. I should clearly point out that this is one of the most expensive attractions to visit in Paris and was therefore not on our list of things to do. Elaborate shows start from 80 euros when booked in advance, to around 420 euros for a V.I.P. area with a three course meal, gifts, macaroons, bottles of champagne… you get the picture. It looked fantastic from the brochure, but we decided to leave it and grab some food instead.

Rouge Bis

From the restaurants I visited in Paris, this was my favourite. It is right next to the Blanche tube station, tucked away from tourists in the centre.The staff were incredibly friendly and the food was delicious too. Anyone that knows me will say I am obsessed with creme brulee and they had a pretty tasty one on the menu made with orange zest and biscuits! 🙂



That’s all for now folks! I’ll mention more about some of the attractions we visited tomorrow! Stay tuned 🙂




**TRIBUTE to a dear friend** Paris day 1: Moulin Rouge and Montmartre featuring tomorrow!


Hey dear friends!

Ethan (my boyfriend) received a call this morning that one of his immediate family members was in hospital and seriously ill. It came as such a shock us both, as the doctor said they only had a few days to live, or possibly only a few hours. Then after a short talk, it turned out that Ethan’s mum had known about the illness for a fortnight and not mentioned anything to protect him.

Unfortunately a few hours ago they passed away, so I’ve decided to travel back up the country to see his family next week and spend some time with them. I usually see the family quite regularly and they have always been incredibly friendly, hence why I want to be there for them during this time.

This post is therefore a tribute to this family member, who was always so kind and caring towards other people. They always made everyone smile, and even though I didn’t see them all that often, they made me feel like family whenever I spent time with them.

Tell your loved ones how much they mean to you at every chance you can, because life can throw some awful curve balls at you, all when you least expect it.

Rest in Peace. Sending my love to you now and always. x





My ventures to the city of love… PARIS!!


Hey fellow bloggers! How are you doing?

More interviews (panic!)

I have had an unbelievably busy day today consisting of one morning and then an afternoon interview. Not only this, but I stayed up into the early hours of the morning trying to prepare for them. One of the jobs is at a local school in one of the labs, and as a result, I had to read endless policies on child protection before the interview. Everything had been researched and all the safeguarding policies memorised, when I found 30 documents on the school website regarding safeguarding. It was a complete nightmare! Each document was at least 20 pages long, so there was no chance I could read (and remember) everything prior to entering the building. I simply crossed my fingers and went in. Hopefully I’ll find out soon how that went!

My blog in the next few days!

As many of you know, I spoke about my My Singaporean Adventure a few weeks ago. I also visited Paris earlier this year with my mum as a Christmas present to her. The past year hasn’t been too good for mum and I, so I thought it would be a lovely treat to buy her a ticket to Paris for Christmas. It was incredibly cold, but lovely to have a break away from everything for a few days!

Anyway… I thought I would give you the low-down on where the nicest places are to visit in Paris and of course the main attractions you must visit! Stay tuned if you want to hear more tomorrow!

Have a lovely evening 🙂